Wishful Thinking

Wishful thinking’s the way that

We give people their dreams

Wishful thinking is something

Just as great as it seems


Wishful thinkings shines bright

like a magical lightbeam

So come on along, we’re singing a song

About this magical team


Wishful thinking’s amazing

Like a beautiful ring

Wishful thinking can make us

Make us both wanna sing


So come on with me

And we can go on this magical fling

Wishful thinking’s the way, anytime of the day

can be a glorious thing


With you by my side

There’s nothing I don’t think I can do

I just can’t hide

The feelings I have deep inside for you


Wishful thinking is great

We can do it forever

Flying so high, up in the sky magically


Wishful thinking’s the best

As long as we are together

So come on along, It’s where you belong

Wishful thinking with me

Thinking with me