With a huge thanks to the very talented Jordan Lapping AKA Drake Bell Covers on youtube we have added a section for all you guitar players. If you are a member of Ultimate Guitar be sure to give him a 5 star rating, also check out his youtube tutorial here

Click on the below Song or album to view the chords


Nashville Sessions Album (OK (Everything’s Gonna Be OK), Wrong Side of the Sun, Out There, The Spin, Lonely & 14U)

Telegraph Album(Found A Way, Circles, Somehow, In The End, Don’t Preach, Hollywood Girl, Golden Days, Down We Fall (Acoustic), The Backhouse, Highway to Nowhere & Telegraph (for piano)

It’s Only Time Album (Up Periscope, I Know, Do What You Want, It’s Only Time, Found A Way (Acoustic), Makes Me Happy (Acoustic), Fool The World, Fallen For You, Rusted Silhouette, Break Me Down, End It Good (Acoustic) & Somehow (Acoustic)

A Reminder Album (Terrific, You’re Not Thinking, Big Shot & Speak My Mind)


A Little More Time

All Alone at the Disco

Big Shot

Christmas Promise (Cover)

Down We Fall

End It Good

Fallen For You (with extended bridge chords)

Fool The World

Found A Way (Acoustic)

Girl Next Door

I Know

I Need You Now

In The End

Let’s Drive

Modern Times

Move On


Our Love

Parc La Brea

Queen of Sympathy

Samantha (Cover)

Saturday Night (Cover)

Sea Song

Shades of Grey

Sleep (Cover)


Speak My Mind (Cover)

Superhero Song


Tell Me


The Lost Guitar Tapes (Confidence)


Wet Ground (Cover)

What You Need

Yesterdays Fool

You’re Not Thinking