About Us

Welcome to the Drake Bell Supporters Forever website. This is a fansite for the actor/musician Drake Bell. Drake has supporters from all over the world and this site is dedicated each of them. We aim to give you the most up to date news on Drake. a huge photo gallery & lyrics and much more.

Our website isn’t intended to be a rival to any of the many Drake sites that are on the internet, its just a another site where you can get all the latest info, , get the latest pictures, lyrics and anything else that is Drake related!

All Pictures in our gallery are credited, if you take any PLEASE credit those people/websites and NOT us thank you!

If you have any pictures that we are missing in our gallery that you would like to share with us (full credit will be giving to you) If you want your website on our links page simply let us know and we will add it, (obviously we would need you to add our site to your website) or if you just wish to get in touch will us, please feel free to email us at admin@dbsupportersforever.org

Please note this is NOT Drake, it’s just a fansite for him, run by supporters of him. Please do not ask personal questions about Drake or his family. Thanks for looking at our site.

This site is dedicated and in memory of Callum Street a great friend and supporter of Drake and the site 1998-2013 “Whoa! just take it easy man!”